REady2Scale Full Course Curriculum

Module 1: Intro to Multifamily Investing

  • Why Multifamily?
  • What Is a Syndication and How Does it Work?
  • Multifamily Investing 101 (Terminology)
  • The Different Types of Asset Classes
  • What Type of Investor are You?
  • Action Plan


Module 2: Set Your Mindset and Establish Your Business

  • Goals
  • Get Your Mindset Right
  • Knowing Your WHY
  • Establishing Your Business Goals
  • Goals Calculation Sheet


Module 3: Build Your Strategy

  • Pick a Market
  • Market Evaluation Guide
  • General Market Research Resources
  • Determine Your Investment Criteria
  • Value-Add vs Turnkey


Module 4: Establish Your Company

  • Establish a Company
  • Build Your Company Structure
  • Finding a Partner vs Going Solo
  • GP Equity Allocation
  • Partnership Roles and Responsibilities Allocation
  • JV and Founders Agreement
  • Build Your Team
  • How to Hire a Property Management Company
  • How to Hire
  • Job Interview Guide


Module 5: Run Your Company

  • Build Systems and Processes
  • Track Your Teams Progress
  • What Type of Leader are You
  • How to Motivate Your Team
  • How to Handle Feedback


Module 6: Build Your Brand

  • Create Your Branding Strategy
  • Create Your Branding Framework
  • Build Your Presence
  • Company Presentation Template
  • Build Your Website
  • Guide to Website Analytics
  • Thought Leadership Planning Guide
  • Build Your Social Media Presence
  • Grow Your Thought Leadership Platform


Module 7: Prime Investors

  • Accredited vs Sophisticated Investors
  • Investor Call Template
  • Set the Foundation for Capital Raise
  • 5-Step Guide to Prime Investors
  • Questions to be Prepared to Answer Before You Have a Deal
  • How to Influence People


Module 8: Find Deals

  • The Acquisition Process
  • Acquisitions Manager Template
  • Where to Find Deals
  • Build Relationship with Brokers
  • How to Find Off-Market Deals
  • Direct Mailing Campaign and NDA Template


Module 9: Underwrite Deals

  • Intro to Underwriting Deals
  • Breaking Down the T12
  • Breaking Down the Rent Roll
  • The Underwriting Process
  • Acquisitions Process Tracking
  • How to Use the Multifamily Underwriting Model
  • Multifamily Underwriting Model
  • A Guide to Increasing Income
  • A Guide to Reducing Expenses
  • Implementing a Green Program
  • Interior Renovation Scope
  • CapEx Budget Estimate Template
  • Rent Comps Analysis


Module 10: Property Tours

  • Property Tour Guide
  • Property Tour Questionnaire Template


Module 11: Get Financing

  • Intro to Loan Financing
  • The Different Types of Commercial Loans
  • How to Qualify for Financing
  • Green Financing
  • Upfront Acquisition Costs You Need to Know About Loan
  • Quote Evaluation Template
  • New Debt vs Assumable Loan


Module 12: Submit Offers and Negotiate Deals

  • Submit a Letter of Intent
  • Proof of Funds Template
  • Breaking Down the LOI
  • LOI Templates
  • Example of Buyer Qualification Form
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Template
  • Call with the Seller
  • Negotiation Tips


Module 13: Raise Capital

  • 7-Step Guide to Raising Capital
  • How to Hold a Successful Investor Call
  • Questions to Be Prepared to Answer Before Talking with
  • Investors
  • Overcoming Objections when Raising Capital
  • PPM and Supporting Documents
  • PPM, Operating Agreement, and Subscription Agreement
  • Templates
  • Deal Org Chart
  • Funding Instructions and Investor Form Templates Deal
  • Manager
  • Communicating with Investors After Closing
  • Investor Guide Template
  • Structuring Equity and Debt with Passive Investors


Module 14: Perform Due Diligence

  • Seller Deliverables
  • Due Diligence Reports


Module 15: Manage Your Asset

  • Manage Your Asset
  • Manage Your PM
  • Manage Investor Relations
  • Investor Distributions 101
  • The Four Ways to Handle Investor


Module 16: Sell Your Asset

  • Sell Your Asset


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